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The Other Side of Life
When a renowned rock star is persuaded to address the long-detested press,
his surprising adversary turns his life inside out
written by Stone

Tomorrow Started
After programmer Christian Galloway is accused of murder,
he finds refuge in an unlikely place
written by Stone

American debutante Dariann Laine and Irish MI6 agent Iain Rourke
engage in a battle of espionage and intrigue
written by Stone

The Mission
FBI Agent Mariah Armour is sent undercover
in a chemical company investigation
written by Stone

A Day Dream
I had a conversation with the man of my dreams, or day dreams to be exact.
Only, it turns out, he wasn't really there at all...  or was he?
written by Stone

Being Friends
Friendship comes from so many different places
written by Stone

Lion Codex Screenplay
Lochlan MacIntyre wants revenge. Dana Dorsey just wants
to dig.  What does one have to do with the other?
original story concept by Scott Wright; screenplay adaptation by Stone

Miscellaneous Rambling

In Only Blue

Your Gift to Me

Short Stories / Erotica




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