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Jack of all trades, Master of none ...

I've managed to do a lot of things in a short amount of time...

I've been married (and divorced) twice -
I don't think of this as two failures but rather two learning opportunities.
That's right, I learned never to do THAT again!

I've been riding a motorcycle since I was a kid -
although I just got my license in the '80s.  My Harley friends told me that you never pass the first time
 you take the test, so why bother.  So I never bothered... until a woman hit me with her car... without my
license.  You can imagine what the judge had to say about THAT!  So I decided I'd better get
my license.  Who knew?  I passed the first time around... and you know what the freakin' tester
cited me for?  Going too slow!  During the test!  What the f^%#?!?!

I've taught Western and English horseback riding -
The best thing about teaching is the 3-year-olds who are more interested in the barn cats than what
you're trying to teach them... and the grown men who are afraid of damaging the family jewels while
trying to convince themselves that the 1,200lb animal whose hands they're about to put their lives in
is dumber than they are and pretending they're not afraid of dying at said horse's hands.

I've bred, raised and trained Tennessee Walkers -
I had always ridden trotters (Quarterhorses, etc) when I was introduced to my first Walker and
refused to believe the hype that once you've ridden a Walker, you never go back.  But I'm here to tell
y'all that it's true, true, true!!!  Do NOT get on a Tennessee Walking Horse unless you're ready and
willing to give up every trotter you have.  When a Walker starts to rack, you'll never know you're on a
horse, the gate is so smooth and gentle.  Take it from me, a former Quarterhorse owner,
there is nothing like a Tennessee Walker!

I've been a typesetter -
Back before "desktop publishing," there was a thing called typesetting.  Not as far back as lead
type but we used computerized equipment (i.e. Compugraphic) to generate type that we would
send to a "printer" that we would print on photographic paper that we would have to "develop," much
the way photographs used to be processed in the olden days, before you printed them on your
desktop printer.  Once this paper dried, you had to trim the paper down, wax the back of it
and "paste" it down on "boards" that you would send off to the printer to have him make a negative
of it.  Yes, it was a fun time before the Mac came along and made the typesetter obsolete.

I know how to lay brick and block -
While my friends were taking yoga and cake decorating classes at night, I was taking a masonry
class at BOCES.  Apparently I was so good, the instructor offered me a job as a bricklayer.  I just
couldn't see leaving my day job pushing a mouse around for a living to get my nails that dirty!
Okay, not every day, anyway.

I've done my Ground School and have several hours in the air in fixed-wing aircraft -
It's one thing on my "bucket list" to learn to fly a helicopter eventually.  But you have to start with
fixed-wing aircraft first.  The experience is like nothing you've ever known.



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